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Beginning January 1st, 2016 Justin Mason (dba WebDot Studio) will no longer be offering
website and application development or related hosting services to the general public.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the clients that I have served in the past decade. It’s been an honor to be involved with your businesses and organizations. After 10-years of handling the development of many local area websites and web applications, I have made the decision to pursue other career opportunities that have become available to me. It was not without serious consideration that this decision was made, however the time required to continue to maintain adequate support services cannot be continued as I make this transition.

Again, thank you for your support. It has been a privilege to work for you all.

-- Justin A. Mason

What does this mean for existing clients?

Over the next few weeks Justin will be working through his list of clients to contact each individually to provide potential options for web hosting. All clients will be provided with the option of obtaining all of their website and/or application source code as well as database exports free of charge. These website backups can be made available via FTP or mailed via USPS on DVD or USB Thumb Drive. If your website designed by Justin is already hosted elsewhere (i.e. HES Hosting Services) then no action needs to be taken.

If your website has utilized the free hosting offered by WDS over the past 4-years (Cartika or 1&1), then your website will need to be transferred, and Justin will contact you in the coming weeks to work through that process.

Will Justin be available for support/updates?

In most cases, no. For all intents and purposes Justin is “closing up shop” as a local web developer to pursue other career opportunities. However, if your website was developed in the past year (on or after January 1, 2015), Justin will be available to provide tentative support options for a period of six months (January 1, 2016 thru June 1, 2016). Response time for this support may vary, will be billed at Justin’s standard hourly rate ($100 USD/hr), and will require advanced scheduling.

I still have questions...

Please, feel free to contact Justin via e-mail at info@webdotstudio.com with your inquries. Any questions you may have will be answered as soon as possible.

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